Smooth your Skin with Homemade Chocolate Coconut Scrub Recipe!

Cocoa beans have countless derivatives from and dark chocolate is one of them. A lot of people don`t like it, because of its slightly bitter taste. However, for beauty purposes, people rather choose dark chocolate than any other regular chocolate variety because it has numerous beauty and health benefits.

How can dark chocolate help your skin?

You have the opportunity to literally keep your skin flawless, glowing and most importantly, healthy. Dark chocolate contains a high level of potent antioxidants which can efficiently protect your skin against damage caused by free radicals, while this property keeps the skin juvenile, supple and soft on the long run. Dark chocolate is beneficial for the skin especially during the hot season, when your skin gets into direct contact with UV rays of sun frequently. In this period, your skin can be best protected from skin cancer and sun burning with dark chocolate.

If eaten, dark chocolate still has a number of benefits for the skin, such as smooth and problem-free skin complexion, nourishing the skin, eliminating dead skins cells and detoxifying effects (even better than caffeine!).

What are the benefits of coconut for the skin?

Coconut is well-known for its ability of keeping the skin moisturized; this is the reason why a lot of people use it on their dry hands. Extra virgin coconut oil is especially good for females because they wash dishes on a regular basis that results in drying out the hands. Instead of expensive cosmetic products, why don`t you forget those toxins contained in them and consider coconut oil for future hand moisturizing purposes? Coconut is also well-known for its power of combating skin cancer. It has the ability of blocking 20% of UV rays that get into direct contact with the skin. Having all these thoughts in mind, coconut represents a great face and body hydrator.

How to prepare chocolate coconut scrub?

In this situation we are not going to use dark chocolate for the preparation of the scrub. Instead, we will replace it with cocoa that has the same wonderful benefits for the skin, just like dark chocolate does. When you`re ready to give this scrub a try, here are the ingredients that you will need:

  • several drops of coconut oil or any other essential oil;
  • 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder (without sugar);
  • 1/3 cup of almond oil;
  • ½ cup of coconut oil (in its solid form)
  • and 1 cup of brown sugar.

If you have every ingredient required for this homemade scrub, in a large bowl you place all of the ingredients and mix them well. You need to mix the ingredients until the coconut oil gets entirely broken down, without chunks remaining. Before packing in the obtained mixture, you can even throw several small pieces of dark chocolate over the mixture, if you want to! Keep the scrub at room temperature all the time.

How to use the chocolate coconut scrub mixture?

You need to simply rub the mixture on your face and then wash it off well. It is indicated that you use this homemade scrub once a week. Don`t forget to apply the scrub on your lips as well; you won`t recognize your lips!

Gingerbread Sugar Scrub Recipe for a Little Teasing

The gingerbread sugar scrub is one of the most powerful and natural beauty products you have ever met. The best thing about it is the fact that you have the opportunity to prepare this scrub at home, without the need of spending your time and money for buying the ingredients needed, because it is most likely that you have all of the items required for this scrub in your kitchen. The truth is that gingerbread-based scrubs are so good that you could even eat them!

What is gingerbread used for?

Gingerbread is a popular spice especially during the Christmas period, but a lot of people don`t know that it has so powerful health benefits that it could be implemented in everyday life all year long. If you have immune boosting properties, make sure that you won`t leave it out from your next grocery list!

It is true that ginger seems to be too spicy when eaten and this is the reason why some people are afraid to use it in the form of beauty product (scrubs, more precisely) and apply it on the skin. If you believe the same thing, you are in a misperception: gingerbread actually has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, but it also works great as an antioxidant and antiseptic agent. Furthermore, whenever you have problems with your mood, a little bit of ginger will perfectly boost it up! This means that for this cold winter, you should prepare your homemade gingerbread sugar scrub recipe and apply it on your skin to improve it.

How to prepare your homemade gingerbread sugar scrub?

Here are the ingredients that you will need for preparing this fantastic homemade gingerbread sugar scrub. From the listed amounts of items, you will obtain 2 ½ cups of body scrub:

  • 1 cup of sugar;
  • 1 cup of brown sugar;
  • ½ cup of coconut oil (or any other essential oil);
  • ¼ cup of almond;
  • ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract;
  • ½ teaspoon of cinnamon;
  • ½ of teaspoon of all spices;
  • ½ teaspoon of ginger;
  • ½ teaspoon of nutmeg
  • and a lid or mason-style jar.

If you`ve made sure that you have all of the ingredients, you can start with the first step: place all of the ingredients listed above (except the oil) in a medium-sized bowl. You will only gradually add the coconut (or other chosen) oil in the mixture, until you achieve a consistent mixture. Here, you can use slightly less or slightly more of the indicated amount of oil. The last thing you need to do is to scoop your prepared gingerbread scrub into the lid or mason jar.

How to use your prepared gingerbread scrub?

Using the prepared gingerbread is easy; all you have to do is wet you skin and then gently apply the scrub on it. Make sure that you focus on rough areas and dry patches of your skin. Once applied, gently apply the scrub on your skin, by performing leisure circular movements. When you are ready and feel that the gingerbread scrub took its desired effect, you will simply rinse it down from your skin with warm water.

The Mysterious Coffee and Coconut Oil Mixture Effects

The largest organ of our body is the skin. It absorbs from 60% to 80% of everything that gets into direct contact with our body. Any of the cosmetic products we are using (scrubs, oils, lotions and perfume) are getting absorbed directly into the blood stream. Unfortunately, some of these products are dangerous because they have harmful effects on the body, including birth defects, types of allergies and cancer.

This is the reason why you should take your time to prepare your own beauty products at home. This is how you can make sure what you are exactly applying on your skin and that your homemade products definitely don`t have any unpleasant and harmful effects. You will not have to spend too much money on preparing your homemade scrubs because you will find almost everything in your kitchen. Homemade beauty products are not only beneficial for you but will also save your whole family from toxins that may be present in cosmetic products you buy from the stores.

What is coffee and coconut oil used for?

Coffee-based scrubs are well-known for their ability of helping to reduce cellulite. These scrubs can actually smooth and firm the skin efficiently. The active ingredient found in coffee that is supposed to help with reducing cellulite is actually caffeine. Furthermore, both coffee and coconut oil are well-known for their antioxidant properties which are extremely beneficial for the whole skin of the body. In this situation, it`s not only about the fantastic effects of coffee and coconut oil body scrub, but the smell of this scrub as well! This mixture used in the form of scrub is a great thing for those who love coffee and never skip a morning without drinking a hot cup of delicious coffee. Try this scrub, and you`ll feel like you`re in heaven!

How to prepare the coffee and coconut oil scrub?

In order to prepare this scrub, you will need:

  • 1 cup ground of organic coffee;
  • 1 cup of organic salt or sugar (if you don`t know where to buy organic salt and/or sugar, do a short online research and you`ll shortly find out the answer!);
  • 1 cup of organic coconut oil (don`t worry, you`ll be able to buy coconut oil from numerous stores!);
  • 1 tablespoon of cinnamon (not mandatory)
  • and 1 tablespoon of vanilla (optional). You can even learn how to prepare homemade vanilla – for this purpose, read a bit online.

Once you have all of the ingredients, the first step is melting down the coconut oil and then leaving it to cool down, but not until it gets solidified. Once you`ve mixed all of the ingredients, you will store your obtained mixture in an airtight jar or container.

How to use coffee and coconut oil scrub?

It is indicated that you use your homemade coconut oil and coffee scrub once or twice a week. However, if preferred, you can apply the mixture on your whole body on a daily basis. Coffee and sugar together result in exfoliating your skin, while coconut oil will leave it moisturized and soft.

Prepare the Best Sugar Scrub Recipe Ever!

We all know that sugar has a negative effect on the intestines, but if you prepare a sugar scrub recipe, that is already a very good thing for your skin. Before talking about the way to prepare your sugar scrub recipe and then how to correctly use it, we will briefly analyze the benefits of sugar scrub for the skin, before anything else.

What is sugar scrub recipe used for?

Practically, the extremely costly sugar scrubs available for sale that you see in spas and stores can be prepared at home by spending only several pennies! Sugar scrubs can be prepared in various ways and have a number of advantages for the skin, including its exfoliation and moisturizing. You have probably been used so far with spending a lot of money on scrubs. And you might want to change this and switch to using your own home-made sugar scrub recipe, because you`ve had enough of spending too much money or those costly products simply didn`t work.

If your skin is too dry, you definitely need a natural scrub based on sugar because sugar helps to keep the skin hydrated all the time. Sugar is a powerful ingredient of skincare products in the same time because it is glycolic acid-rich and thus generates the freshness and youth appearance of the skin. Glycolic acid is mostly used for aging and sun-damaged skin. It is also important to consider that sugar is an excellent topical exfoliate, thanks to its small particles and this is how it has the power of eliminating dead skin cells and promotes skin health.

It does not matter if you are new to homemade beauty products, you can prepare your sugar scrub recipe at home in no-time and effortlessly. Sugar scrubs can be used for obtaining a silky skin, for your feet, face and practically, almost for the whole body. It will not take you more than 10 minutes to prepare your desired sugar scrub recipe.

How to prepare your sugar scrub recipe?

In order to prepare your desired sugar scrub recipe, you will need ½ cup of sugar, preferably organic, ½ cup of oil (coconut oil or olive oil) and if needed, use other essential oils, based on your preferences. In terms of sugar, it is better to choose brown sugar or organic sugar that is considered to be healthier.

Once you have all of the ingredients and amounts prepared, you need to mix them well and keep your obtained mixture in an air tight jar. You can even add vanilla to the sugar scrub for a better result.

How to use and apply your prepared sugar scrub recipe?

Remember that any new homemade sugar scrub recipe will be tested only at night – you never know how your skin may react on the achieved mixture. You should ideally apply one tablespoon of sugar scrub on the body area you want to improve. You need to gently scrub the skin with the mixture and then rinse it down well with water. The final result will be a silk skin you never had before!

The Secrets of Impeccable Baking Soda Scrub Recipe

The secret of having young-looking and radiant skin all the time consists of getting rid of dead, dry and old skin cells. In order to do this on a regular basis, exfoliating is the main thing to do. In order to prepare your desired baking soda scrub recipe at home, you don`t have to spend extra money because you will definitely find all of the ingredients in your home. It is important to scrub your whole body, not only your face – after all, you obviously want to keep your entire body fresh and young, not only your face.

Why is baking soda scrub used for exfoliating purposes?
Scrubs based on baking soda are one of the safest natural and homemade scrubs that you can use even daily, if you want to. Did you know that numerous exfoliation products contain baking soda as the main ingredient? It is also important that you choose natural baking soda, when you are willing to prepare your homemade scrub.

The combination of warm water with baking soda represents a powerful exfoliating method for your whole body. Homemade baking soda paste is often used for washing hair. More and more people are changing their shampoos and switch to baking soda paste because these shampoos tend to damage the hair if used for long-term. If you never tried homemade baking soda scrub recipe before, it`s time to say goodbye to expensive baking soda-based exfoliating products available for sale in the markets and switch to a natural baking soda paste prepared by you that will cost you only pennies! The perfectly prepared natural baking soda scrub will efficiently eliminate oily and dirty dead skin cells that you want to get rid of.

How to prepare your baking soda scrub recipe?
You practically prepare a paste, when it comes to using baking soda, as the main ingredient of your scrub. In order to obtain the best baking soda scrub, you need to mix baking soda with water and mix them until you obtain a smooth paste. In this case, you will need one teaspoon of water and 3 teaspoons of baking soda. This type of baking soda scrub recipe is well-known for its antiseptic and anti-fungal benefits, and this is how it is able to manage blackheads and pimples as well. It is a must to make sure that you are not using washing powder or baking powder.

How to use your homemade baking soda scrub mixture?
One method is to simply apply your obtained baking soda scrub on your face that you obtained by the above described indications. There is also a simpler way that still involves baking soda. You need to start with washing your face with pure and warm water. Then you take your favorite cleanser that you usually use for purifying your face, apply some of the cream on your palm, add one teaspoon of baking soda, mix the two ingredients well and apply it on your face. Massage the mixture into your skin, by focusing on the areas where you have dry or dead skin. You need to rub the baking soda scrub for 30 seconds.