Have you ever Tried the Peach Passion Scrub? It`s Time to Give it a Try!

Peach is a tasty fruit, but there are countless peach tea fans as well! However, peach passion is also a powerful ingredient in homemade natural beauty products, more precisely, body and face scrubs. Peach passion tea is possible to buy at the nearest grocery store to you. Before preparing your peach passion scrub recipe, try a cup of peach passion tea! If you will enjoy its fantastic aroma, you will definitely love to apply it on your body in the form of scrub as well!

What is peach used for?

Obesity-related conditions are possible to treat with peaches, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome. Bad cholesterol which is a health condition associated with cardiovascular disease is also possible to treat with peaches, thanks to their anti-inflammatory and anti-obesity properties. Free radicals causing cancer can be easily broken down by peaches, because they are rich in the famous vitamin C antioxidants.

Apart from these severe disorders, peaches are extremely beneficial for the skin, in numerous ways. First of all, wrinkles can be reduced, skin texture can be improved and skin damage (which may be caused by pollution or sun) is also possible to defend with the help of this fruit, no matter if it is eaten whole or applied topically (for example, in the form of scrubs). All of these great benefits are possible to achieve with peaches because of the high level of vitamin C found in them. Collagen is the supporting system of the skin. Vitamin C found in peach is able to stimulate collagen formation.

How to prepare the perfect peach passion scrub at home?

If you care about the smell of your homemade peach passion scrub, you need to make sure that you are using neutral oil in it. Olive oil is not the best choice for this type of scrub recipe, but coconut oil will perfectly do the job. If you end up with a too oily scrub, add more sugar.

The ingredients that you will need for preparing the perfect peach passion scrub at home are:

  • color (not mandatory);
  • essential oils (if preferred);
  • 4-5 bags of peach passion tea;
  • ½ – ¾ cup of coconut oil
  • and 1 ½ cup of sugar.

Open the peach tea bags and empty the leaves. Place sugar and leaf tea leaves in a bowl and mix all of the ingredients well together. Be careful to add coconut oil gradually and slowly, while continuously mixing the ingredients, until you see that the whole mixture is covered with the oil. Place the obtained mixture in an air tight container and store it for a while.

How to use your ready-to-use peach passion scrub?

You can use this scrub as many times as you want; the only thing to keep in mind is to rinse your body well with water, after finished massaging the scrub on your whole body. The best idea is to use this scrub immediately after you took a shower or bath.