Prepare the Best Sugar Scrub Recipe Ever!

We all know that sugar has a negative effect on the intestines, but if you prepare a sugar scrub recipe, that is already a very good thing for your skin. Before talking about the way to prepare your sugar scrub recipe and then how to correctly use it, we will briefly analyze the benefits of sugar scrub for the skin, before anything else.

What is sugar scrub recipe used for?

Practically, the extremely costly sugar scrubs available for sale that you see in spas and stores can be prepared at home by spending only several pennies! Sugar scrubs can be prepared in various ways and have a number of advantages for the skin, including its exfoliation and moisturizing. You have probably been used so far with spending a lot of money on scrubs. And you might want to change this and switch to using your own home-made sugar scrub recipe, because you`ve had enough of spending too much money or those costly products simply didn`t work.

If your skin is too dry, you definitely need a natural scrub based on sugar because sugar helps to keep the skin hydrated all the time. Sugar is a powerful ingredient of skincare products in the same time because it is glycolic acid-rich and thus generates the freshness and youth appearance of the skin. Glycolic acid is mostly used for aging and sun-damaged skin. It is also important to consider that sugar is an excellent topical exfoliate, thanks to its small particles and this is how it has the power of eliminating dead skin cells and promotes skin health.

It does not matter if you are new to homemade beauty products, you can prepare your sugar scrub recipe at home in no-time and effortlessly. Sugar scrubs can be used for obtaining a silky skin, for your feet, face and practically, almost for the whole body. It will not take you more than 10 minutes to prepare your desired sugar scrub recipe.

How to prepare your sugar scrub recipe?

In order to prepare your desired sugar scrub recipe, you will need ½ cup of sugar, preferably organic, ½ cup of oil (coconut oil or olive oil) and if needed, use other essential oils, based on your preferences. In terms of sugar, it is better to choose brown sugar or organic sugar that is considered to be healthier.

Once you have all of the ingredients and amounts prepared, you need to mix them well and keep your obtained mixture in an air tight jar. You can even add vanilla to the sugar scrub for a better result.

How to use and apply your prepared sugar scrub recipe?

Remember that any new homemade sugar scrub recipe will be tested only at night – you never know how your skin may react on the achieved mixture. You should ideally apply one tablespoon of sugar scrub on the body area you want to improve. You need to gently scrub the skin with the mixture and then rinse it down well with water. The final result will be a silk skin you never had before!