Prepare your Minty Sugar Scrub you will never Find in Stores!

Deciding to prepare this fantastic mint and sugar scrub recipe would represent one of your best choices, especially if your main goal is to prepare you own homemade beauty products and save the money you would be bound to give in stores for expensive products. Preparing this scrub is extremely easy and once the scrub is ready, you`ll also be able to enjoy its absolutely amazing smell.

What is mint used for?

Before sharing the ingredients that you need and guidance to prepare and then to use this scrub, let us become familiar with the numerous skin benefits associated with mint. In common cosmetic products, like shampoos, mouth rinses and lip balms mint has the main role of providing a refreshing feeling for the users. But beyond its refreshing and great aroma, it is also able to improve the condition of your skin. How? If you check some of your cosmetic or beauty products in your bathroom, you may be surprised that some of them actually contain mint. The plant is crucial for skin health especially because of its anti-pruritic properties. This means that when your skin is infected or itchy, you can calm the unpleasant signs with the help of mint. It is also able to help with reducing oily skin and strengthening the skin tissue, because it is rich in vitamin A.

How to prepare the perfect mint and sugar scrub recipe?

Preparing this scrub is extremely easy and great news is that its ingredients are also accessible. You will only need simple ingredients, like:

  • your preferred oil (one of the best oil ideas is coconut oil);
  • an oil extract for scenting your scrub
  • and sugar.

You need to start by warming up your preferred oil a bit, because oils at room temperature are solid, in most of the situations (while oil needs to be softened for obtaining the perfect scrub). You will not have to warm the oil for more than 15 to 25 seconds. After this, you add the peppermint extract and sugar and mix the ingredients well together until you obtain the minty-green sugar scrub. There is no established amount for these ingredients (you can add as much as you want of them, depending on the amount of scrub that you want to obtain in the end). In case that the scrub is too dry, all you have to do is add some more oil. Avoid preparing too oily scrubs, so that the scrub can do what it has to do for your skin. A too wet scrub needs more sugar.

How to use your homemade minty sugar scrub?

It is considered that this scrub works best on the hands and feet, but you can use it on your whole body as many times as you want. You can even choose to organize a “spa-day” with your whole family at home, with the occasion of upcoming holidays. Believe it or not, but this is your cheapest spa-relaxation option, without the need of spending your time and money for traveling and spa entrance – because you can do all this comfortably at your home!