Secrets to Impeccable Lemon and Honey Scrub Recipe

Lemon scents and lavender are both well-known for their relaxing effects in the bathtub. It is indeed a wonderful and relaxing feeling to add lemon scents or lavender into the warm water and take bath that way.

Why are lemon and honey used in the form of body scrub?

Lemon is also a powerful ingredient of homemade scrub recipes that come with numerous beauty benefits. Honey is another important ingredient of scrub recipes, thanks to its ability to boost the moisture of the skin. Honey and lemon combined with sugar result in a powerful exfoliating scrub and if you give it a try, you will definitely love it.

Lemonade is a beloved beverage by numerous people, but believe it that your skin and hair loves lemon even more! The sunny yellow fruit is a great moisturizer, if combined with coconut oil. The oil in this case hydrates your skin, while lemon has the role of cleaning and brightening it. Blackheads are also possible to instantly eliminate with the help of this fruit, even if this sounds too good to be true. Because lemon has antibacterial properties, it can actually be efficient for acne treating. Whenever you see your knees and elbows dark, rub them with one half of lemon and see the difference. Lemon not only that is a great skin brightener, but it also represents an excellent teeth whitener!

How to prepare your homemade lemon and honey scrub recipe?

If you prepare this scrub recipe, you will obtain one and half of cup of lemon and honey sugar scrub. However, it is possible to prepare larger amount of scrub as well, if that`s what you wish.

For preparing the lemon and honey sugar scrub recipe, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 15 drops of essential lavender oil;
  • 15 drops of essential lemon oil;
  • 2 teaspoons of dried rosemary;
  • 2 tablespoons of raw honey;
  • ΒΌ cup of olive oil
  • and 1 cup of organic cane sugar.

In case that you don`t know where you could purchase the mentioned essential oils and organic sugar, you should make a short online research so you can see where you could order these products online or perhaps, the nearest store to buy the special ingredients.

Once you have all of the amounts of the needed ingredients, the first step is to mix the raw honey, olive oil, dried rosemary and sugar together. When you`ve mixed these ingredients well together, the next thing is to add the essential oils and stir them well. When you see that your mixture is ready, you need to store it for approximately 3 months in a glass container.

How to use your prepared lemon and honey scrub?

It is recommended that you use this scrub while taking a relaxing bath or a warm shower. It`s up to you to decide how many times you`ll use the scrub weekly. You are encouraged to massage this powerful scrub on your whole body for boosting the moisture of your skin.